Angus in crossings

Improvement of efficiency

It is tempting to believe that a bigger calf will generate more money in a sale, but a difficult calving will drastically reduce the milk production so the income gained after the sale of calves will rapidly decrease. Combined with a gestation period which is with one, even two weeks shorter than for most continental breeds, an Aberdeen Angus bull can improve the calving score and can decrease the rate of problems that can appear in order to maximize the milk and beef production at the same time.


Profit gained after sale of the calves

The calf production is an important element for income in milk farms as well. Use an Aberdeen Angus bull and he will produce a calf with an accelerated growth which will offer a lean and easy to market carcass.


Angus breed proved to the whole world that it is a suitable breed for many successful crossing and reproduction programs. Angus contributed to the moderate birth of homozygote benefic genes which influence color and quality of carcasses in these planned breeding systems. When using a crossing in order to maintain a high level of heterosis in your system, one must use breeds that complete each other. Angus can be completed by many other breeds, like the ones from Simmental for milk and beef production, with breeds like Hereford to produce females with a wanted morpho-productive type. Likewise Angus and Yellow Cattle have been proven to be a very popular crossing in many countries with a high demand for such calves.