Growing perspectives

Consumer demands

The 21st century consumer expects from his beef a high quality.  He expects a soft texture, juicy and flavour. The Angus excels in all this fields and there is no wonder that Aberdeen Angus beef is considered by to be one of the best in the world.


Efficient farm production

Scientific studies all around the world show constantly that cows fed with grass from natural pastures produce a high quality beef with low costs. The Aberdeen Angus cows have been bred and selected for generations for their characteristics like resistance, fast development and the ability to perfect the beef based on grass feeding. This offers a profitable and durable future for agricultures and a fantastic beef for consumers. The cattle are resistant to the lack of food and show impressive ability to recuperate quickly after a drought season or hard winter conditions.


Wellbeing of cattle

Aberdeen Angus cattle excel in various features accepted as features related to the wellbeing of cattle. The incredible calving ease and the short gestation are very important factors for the farm but also for the beef produced. The breed is naturally enhanced with obvious benefits for farmers who can produce beef from Angus cattle with far less costs than from any other breed that needs to be sheltered for longer periods.


Cattle easy to manage

The Angus cattle are well known for their calm temper and their “good mood”. These features together with calving ease, grazing throughout the whole year and resistance to cold and heat make this an easy to manage breed. Angus cattle are known for their fertility, endurance and capacity to produce calves at early age. They give birth without assistance, have a quick development, a long life and a constant production.