The Aberdeen Angus Association

The Aberdeen Angus Association is a prosper organization that offers solutions for the beef industry through visionary leadership and innovation in order to consolidate and promote the competitive advantages of the Angus breed. With more than 6000 Angus cattle in pure breed and a considerable amount of crossbreeds, we are the biggest specialised beef breeding association in Romania. Every year the number of the Angus farms and Angus cattle is growing and most of them are in our database.


One of our guidelines is “Superior genetics means performance and progress” and according to this we want to improve and perfect the Aberdeen Angus breed so in the future the popularity of breeding Angus should grow in our country and become a real business opportunity.


One of the goals of the Association is to promote the Angus breed in the reproduction farms but also in commercial beef farms and to ensure the integrity of this breed.


The Aberdeen Angus Romania Association offers its existing clients and all other interested parties information about modern technologies of extensive breeding of beef cattle in Romania, we organise visits at Angus cattle farms and offer consulting regarding feeding, establishment and management of an Angus cattle farm.


The Association is going to nationally promote the interests of the breeders, to offer them support with individual advertising. It also offers a variety of services.


The Association keeps record of and informs the National Animal Reproduction Authority using BREEDPLAN system for registering the performances. In this way it offers valuable performance reports for the breeders, reports that allow them to future consolidate their agricultural goals.

At a country level we set ourselves to continue the crossing programs of the Angus breed with inland cattle and to extend the production network of Aberdeen Angus cattle through collaboration with big companies from the country and Europe.