About the Association

Our vision:

Leadership in supplying innovative programmes that increase and promote the value of Angus cattle and Angus beef products.


Our mission:

To increase profitability for our members and their clients by delivering innovative programs which improve and promote the value of Angus cattle and Angus beef products.


Our goals

The reason why the Aberdeen Angus Romania Association was created is to act in the way of promoting the interest of the Romanian Angus cattle industry:

  1. To maintain the reproduction books, as well as any other genealogical and performance recordings that are necessary for the genetic progress of Angus cattle;

  2. To increase the potential of our members to develop and produce Angus cattle at international level and with competitive genetics;

  3. To increase the capacity of our members  to market the Angus cattle in Romania and genetics at an international level;

  4. To increase the capacity of members to produce and market Angus beef and derivate products at international level;

  5. To establish connections with other organisation with similar goals to improve and promote the beef industry.


Our values

  • Honesty  and  integrity in all our collaborations with members and service suppliers, transparent activities, taking account at the same time of the private life of the interested parties

  • Respect for the needs, aptitudes and abilities of the members, the board and the involved personnel

  • Joined responsibility for improving the relationships between members, board and involved personnel

  • Developing  an innovation culture among members

  • Success in all relationships

  • The belief that the best recipe for success is determined by growth of demand