The target and goals of the Association

We aim toward the improvement and progress of the Aberdeen Angus breed so in the future the popularity of breeding Angus should grow in our country and become a real business opportunity.


We intend to extend the production network of Aberdeen Angus cattle through partnerships with big companies from the country and Europe. The features of the Angus breed are a competitive advantage in a time when  good management, low production costs and high quality products determine the success of breeding cattle.


The main attributes of the Association are:

  • Informing the member farms and national associations regarding the specific breeding of Angus cattle, management and financial problems but also promoting and conducting research in this field

  • Creating a program to improve the development of the breed towards the demands of the market

  • Handling the official production control and leading the herd book of the Angus breed

  • Participating in trades, shows and fairs in order to promote the Angus cattle for a better representation

  • Marketing support through specific PR activities

  • Organizing meetings for mutual information exchange

  • Organizing visits and meetings for international collaboration

  • Representing of the members of the association before of state authorities

  • Enable the access of members to purchase Angus semen and Angus reproduction cattle of top genetics


We offer information to Romanian farmers regarding preparing and managing pastures, a feature which our country is on a high level regarding their quality, thanks to the fact that they weren’t polluted with chemical fertilizer. In other words our pastures are ecological and by keeping the Angus cattle on these pastures, they will produce premium beef at a superior quality standard according to the actual demands of the food industry.