The strategies of the Association

Development of the breed:

Goal: supplying members and their clients with innovating tools and necessary knowledge in order to continuously improve the competitive advantages of the Angus cattle and the Angus beef


  • Delivering an inventory of the cattle and efficiently registering database software/program

  • Ensuring an accurate description of Angus genetics and the influence factors for all economical important features through Angus Breedplan and other instruments for genetics evaluation

  • Developing a strong innovative culture of the Angus breed in Romania and its members which results in applying new services and instruments to improve the breed



Goal: promoting and marketing the competitive advantages of the Angus breed, the cattle and Angus beef


  • Promoting the advantages of the Angus breed through mass media, internet and social media

  • Managing a website for this branch that offers a strong image for the Angus breed

  • Maintaining a relationship and collaboration with ANARZ and other organizations in order to facilitate the promotion of the Angus breed and that of quality beef

  • Promoting and facilitating sales of the Angus cattle and genetics both for inland and export market

  • Monitoring the level of Angus cattle on the market


Education, Expansion and Development:

Goal: improving the abilities of the members and involving young farmers through innovative educational activities and a development program for young farmers


  • Delivering extensive innovative educational activities and support for members and their clients

  • Encouraging the involvement of young people in the beef industry through a development program for young Angus farmers


Organisational support:

Goal: to operate as an efficient and operative organisation, active on PR level, which satisfies the needs of members, monitoring the strategic directions and complying with all legal and corporative requests.


  • Maintaining qualified personnel accordingly in order to efficiently support the management systems, the organizational and practical structure as well as to ensure the conformity with all legal and political legislation

  • Planning and checking in order to ensure that Aberdeen Angus Romania maintains the leadership in the beef industry.

  • Maintaining the Constitution Act of Association in order to ensure that it continues to fulfil the needs of the members.