Our Association counts at the moment over 70 members from all regions in Romania which own more than 7000 Angus cattle, representing more than 80% of all Angus cattle in the country.


Benefits of those who join our Association:

  • Access to all services offered by the Association from OPC (Official Production Control) , Pedigree support. For more details please access Services

  • International access through partner Associations in the world like Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society

  • We offer a complete incorporated system for our members

  • Motivated to create better opportunities for Angus breeders

  • Determined, capable team to offer quality services


Our expectations from our members are:

  • Reliability

  • Honesty

  • Promptitude in sending the data required by the Association

  • Consistency and accuracy of the data send to the Association

  • Respect towards the other members of the Association