The Aberdeen Angus Romania Association offers you a complete and incorporated system of quality services:


  • The specialized personnel of the Association will do the official production control at the members farms and will also make the assessment of the body frame of the cattle taking into consideration the gene pool of the improvement of the breed

  • Management of the database, organizing and leading the OPC and in the future the Herd book with the Pedigree of the breed

  • Issuing Pedigrees for its cattle based on the OPC results

  • Representation in front of state authorities

  • Easing access to information in this field

  • Getting support regarding farm management, pasture administration, feeding technologies, reproduction systems, information regarding diseases that might appear to Angus cattle and the way to prevent them

  • Offering access to participate at international exhibitions and fairs

  • Offering  access in order to purchase semen and reproduction cattle with high genetics

  • Purchasing and distribution from Romania or other countries to the members of the Association of: reproduction material (semen, embryos), consumables, machines, devices and equipment, accessories and spare parts, forage, seeds, fertilizers, pharmaceutical products

  • Medical services, support in the field of veterinary medicine

  • Support in nutrition