BREEDPLAN is a modern evaluation system for beef cattle genetics. This program was developed in Australia but has users all over the world. This system gives the possibility to the user to accelerate the genetic progress of its cattle, to enhance the breeding process, to increase the productivity and value of the breeding cattle.


BREEDPLAN uses the most advanced estimating system for the improvement value of a cattle based on the linear calculating methodology B.L.U.P. (best linear unbiased prediction) for a series of registered features like: birth weight, weight at different ages, features of carcasses and features related to reproduction. BREEDPLAN means precision in selection decisions and, if it is understood and used, it can be of great help in the ruling of breeders regarding the selection of cattle to be used in a breeding and improving program.


BREEDPLAN is incorporated with pedigree systems for various breeds. Because of frequent practice of AI, most cattle from a breed have genetic connections to other groups of cattle from the same breed. The BREEDPLAN technology can be used at different levels, for example in analyzing the performances of individuals from a group of a breeder, for comparison of performances of the members of an association or for the genetic evaluation of cattle in an association compared to cattle from the similar associations in other countries that use BREEDPLAN.


Now it is the most popular system and it is used with great success in countries like Australia, New Zeeland, Namibia, Thailand, Philippines, USA, Canada, UK, Hungary, South America and South Africa.