OPC – Official Production Control

Aberdeen Angus Romania Association – the first Association in Romania accredited for the Official Production Control of  beef cattle

OPC has the purpose of knowing the real productive potential of the cattle. This potential is the foundation for selection and its use in the process of reproduction of the most valuable specimens in order to enhance the productive potential of the cattle that is investigated.

The result of the control with all the data regarding: origin, conformation and frame, body development, productive type and reproduction aptitudes are used to determine the animal quality and are the basic elements in selection activities like: rating, classification, testing of own performances and the performances of the descendents with the goal of enlisting the valuable cattle into the elite herd book.

Also, the data received after the OPC helps us define the commercial value of the cattle, to determine some genetic parameters in order to characterize a population or an individual (reproducer), to establish the goals of the plan to improve the breed.


The process

 The OPC for cattle is done by an accredited association that needs to receive:

  • Application to enlist all Angus cattle

  • Contract to introduce all Angus cattle in the herd for OPC

  • Identification documents for the cattle (passports, pedigree)

  • Inventory of the farm cattle split in mating (ANEXA_3 Monte), calves ((Anexa_8 Viței) and trading (Anexa_10 Intrări-Ieșiri)

  • This documents need to be send every trimester:

  • In the first ten days of April for the first trimester (January, February, March)

  • In the first ten days of July for the second trimester (April, May, June)

  • In the first ten days of October for the third trimester (July, August, September)

  • In the first ten days of January for the last trimester (October, November, December)

  • Certificate from the veterinary saying that the cattle are clinically healthy

  • List of the cattle to be registered in OPC certified by your  local Bureau for Animal Improvement and Reproduction


ATTENTION:  starting with 2014th all above mentioned documents have to be sent to the Association, we validate them and send them further to the Genealogical Register of the National Agency for Animal Improving and Reproduction  A.N.A.R.Z.

If the notification documents (Appendix 3, Appendix 8, Appendix 10) are not sent in the first 10 days of the specified month as mentioned above, A.N.A.R.Z. won’t validate the data for the Genealogical Register.

Your success depends in a similar way on the genetic stability of the herd, the profitable genetic selection, the attentive monitoring of calves through OPC.


Goals of performances control for beef production

Main goals are:

  • Increase of income for the breeders registered in OPC by delivering official documents that allow a better advertising of their cattle and an improvement of their farm management by using the technical reports obtained from the performances control;

  • Growth of the selection basis;

  • Offering to all breeders, through processing the information from the competent authority, a basis for objective comparison of reproducers after their genetic evaluation.