The Aberdeen Angus Romania Association is the only association in the country certified for the official production control for beef cattle.


The Association counts over 80 members all over the country which own more than 7000 Angus cattle, representing more than 80% of all Angus cattle existing in Romania at the moment.

What we want is to enhance the breeding qualities of the cattle, to improve and perfect the Aberdeen Angus breed so in the future it could be as popular as possible in our country and so it can become a real business opportunity. Through the knowledge of our expert team, the Association offers support for our farmers in order to accelerate the pace of development both for the Angus breed but also for crossbreed.


Why  Angus Breed ? – It has the best balance

There is no doubt that the Angus breed shows the best features from all extensive beef breeds. With easy calving, early maturity, very fertile, low temper, best and efficient growing rate, quality beef carcasses and the capacity to reproduce in early age, there is no wonder that the Angus breed is the most wanted breed for its genetics but also for commercial herds.


Angus equals profit  and opportunities for development

The breeding technology for Angus cattle is very simple, with lower costs than breeding milk cows or intensive beef breeds because the extensive breeding reduces the breeding effort to a simple management. Qualities of this breed such as calving ease, high resistance and the capacity to adapt,  tamed temper, fast growth and lack of horns, which is specific to this breed,  brings the Angus breed in the top of the most profitable cattle breeding in the world.