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Quarterly Annexes

Please observe and follow the inspection date, which will be given to you by the person in the team who is responsible for your route, and send the Quarterly Annexes (notification documents) on time.

These documents are sent quarterly as follows:

  • by April 10th, for the first quarter (January, February, March);
  • by July 10th, for the 2nd quarter (April, May, June);
  • by October 10th, for the 3rd quarter (July, August, September);
  • by January 10th, for the 4th quarter (October, November, December).

Annex 3 for H. B. – Natural Mating

Annex 8 for H. B. – Calves

Annex 10 for H. B. – Inputs, Outputs

Each farmer is obliged to be on the farm/home on that date, to be minimally equipped, including the necessary equipment to catch and guide the animals so that weighing can be carried out on the farm, to comply with the appointment received according to the O. C. P. chart, to have the animals ready for weighing on the established day and to be able to bring them to an area accessible to the weigh trailer.

If these minimum conditions are not met, the farmer will not be provided with the animal weighing service and the amount paid for these services will not be refunded.

Without being weighed, the animals will not qualify to receive the Certificate of Origin. A report will be issued on the spot concerning the non-compliance with the minimum obligations to facilitate the weighing of animals.

In order to have an up to date database of your farm, don’t forget to send the notification documents on time (Annexes), otherwise those animals will not benefit from the services.

(Certificates of Origin, O. P. C. weighing, H. B. Certificate, etc.)

Improvement program

You can download the Aberdeen Angus Breeding Program in Romania here.

The Association Status and the Internal Rules and Regulations

You can consult the Internal Rules of the Aberdeen Angus Romania Association here.

The Status of the Aberdeen Angus Romania Association can be viewed here.

For any other information we are at your disposal.

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